Welcome the Video StudentGuy podcast.

This pocast is over 7 years old and during that time I’ve talked about a wide range of topics, but I keep coming back to how to work different kinds of media. As the title of the podcast demonstrates, it’s mostly about video production and related media like audio, motion graphics, editing techniques and so on. but there’s also a lot of posts about new media and social media, creativity, photography and tools for learning, on your own and through communities.

Interviewing for Story

Throughout this year I am presenting a series of episodes about the various aspects of interviewing for film, audio or print. This month I’m examining the necessary tasks that need to be completed during the hustle and confusion of breakdown and packing up.

CasablancaThere are so many variables at this point that I can’t cover everything. You may have a large crew, tons of equipment and maybe you need to delegate responsibility to several people.. Or maybe you’re a one person crew and you’ve got to handle everything yourself.

I’m just going to highlight the following three issues.

  • Packing up
  • Managing Media
  • Onsite Transcription

I think that these are really important tasks if you expect to exit the scene with grace and set the ground for the next step in post production, The Edit.

What’s available

Capturing a good interview is an essential part of storytelling and there are number of important steps along the way to create an engaging story. In this series of audio podcasts I hope that I can provide you with the information that will make your story a success. I’ve already a number of shows posted in this series. A good place to start is the introductory show , where I layout the goals and the order of each topic. Other topics include Preproduction, Developing effective questions, managing your talent and crew on set.

As I continue this series through this year I plan to discuss lighting, camera work and sound capture, editing and archival tactics