#245 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers: Introduction


Do you know what to say when it’s time to talk?

In this show I’m introducing a new series about interviewing subjects for video, audio and print stories. So no, this isn’t about interviewing skills for landing a job, though there is an overlap.

Speaking of overlap, since each show will be on a specific topic or process with a focus on optimizing that aspect of the interview, I’m bound to repeat myself on certain points from show to show. I’m not even going to apologize for this since it’s the only way I can provide continuity across the months that these shows will be spread.

One idea in particular, the nature of the relationship between subject and interviewer, will come up in every show. In this introduction I want to introduce some of the reasons why I feel that developing a strong trust relationship with your subject from the very beginning of your story project is a critical element in it’s ultimate success.

After  that, I  will spend the remainder of my time providing a brief sketch of  each show in the series, as they are listed below. I will add a link as each episode is published.

  1. PreProduction or Planning
  2. Asking the Right Questions
  3. Managing your Subject during the Interview
  4. Interview Production Issues
  5. Post Production Concerns
  6. Lighting: Found and Made
  7. Capturing the best Audio
  8. Finding and using B-roll
  9. Question Expert: John Sawatsky

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