#260 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – #3 Asking The Right Questions


All you can do is Ask

This episode is a continuation of a series about conducting an interview for print, audio or video storytelling which I began in January of 2013. There are many ways to gather information about your story topic. Interviews offers the most direct and compelling information through the first hand accounts of people who were directly related to the events you’re researching.

The questions  you ask during an interview are all that you have to add depth and authentic detail to your story. There are many kinds of questions you can ask and each one delivers particular results and are suited for specific circumstances. If you think of questions as tools, you can organize and keep them sharp so they’re ready for the time  when they will serve you best.

In this episode I want to present the types of questions you can use and review both good and bad interview question practices. I also want to emphasize that asking questions is an art as well as a craft and your personality and conversation style will have as much to do with your success, or lack of, in getting the answers you are looking for. If you’re interested in what I’ve already covered, check out the previous episodes on Preparing for the Interview and Story.

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