#261 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – #4 The Interviewer


Make your interview experience flawless

After all your preparations, the day of the interview has arrived and you can heave a great sigh of relief, right? Not so fast!

Now more than ever you need to be vigilant in order to put the subject in the right frame of mind, and yourself for that matter. Double-check your checklist to make sure nothing has been forgotten, make sure everything is set up in a timely fashion, connect with your subject and most of all, pay attention to the answers.

There’s lots more that the interviewer has to consider during the interview and I’ve tried to cover most of the critical concerns. One thing to be aware of well in advance is how clothing appears when it’s recorded on video. A certain kind of fabric can create an optical effect called Moire´that can ruin the look of your footage by creating a distracting optical illusion. Check out the link for clear examples of this probem.

Now, get ready. It’s exhilarating, terrifying and exhausting. It’s showtime.

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